Hello. I am Yuko.
This was my debut blog. Posting since May 2007.
Been a while.

Contemplating on this blogging thing, I thought doing the "making of" something would be a great idea.
At that point, I had a dress I wanted to make that's been on my mind. Wanted to paint a wing on it. The inspiration was born back in 1999, when I found a dead bird on the beach. There was this air of calm surrounding the bird. I inhaled it. It grew.

And the blog has been growing me into more.
The first dress didn't give me the sense of completion. So I began the second one. That was in 2009.
I started making videos for the dress. Discovered how much I like the medium.
Started to really enjoy posting, too. To write to you, someone I may or may never get to meet in person.
At some point I realized, the blog was syncing with my personal tale. Of being set free. To have my heart lightened. The process took over. I started riding it.

I kept few things in mind as I logged:

*Write about what I like.
*Stay subjective.
*Go with the impulse.
*Do not set goals regarding direction, time frame, what not.

It was meant to be an experiment with the Process.

I always liked small letters. Always. Since when I was in high school. Now that's a long time. Back then it was a very odd thing to do. Time changed. Time flew.
Fast forward just a few decades. Almost everything on this blog is written in lower case. Except for quotes. They are typed as originally written out of respect. I didn't punctuate thoroughly either. I wanted to see letters in a somewhat "deconstructive" mode, I think.
I hope it didn't bother too many of you too much.

So that's about it. Hope you like what you find here. In any case...

Pleased to meet you, and...
Here's to your process!
yuko ;^J