Making of a silk dress with a wing painted on it.
With dye in color blue black.
Realistic feathers placed unrealistically.
A long story told as is.
By artist/escapist Yuko Nagai, currently Miss Sore Thumb in a rural Japanese town
who rambles about random stuff as well.
Read on.
Thank you.

October 30, 2011

wing dress update: ready for love

back in may 2007 i had
come to a place, a certain degree of personal readiness

ready for the world, no, not that.
ready to be a little strange in the world
authentic may sound better
you get the picture

hence the start of this blog.

until then i only had a little template-made website
hidden in webspace like a true shrinking violetta

by then, i had seen enough evidence in my life
of how process of life got all things woven into one
seen enough of the magic of it
how nothing, even what generally deemed negative, will go wasted
in this never ending weaving of more...

as for the subject matter
i had, perhaps for a few years by then,
a vague but persistent tugging at my sleeve about
this dress with a painted wing
i clued in finally that
giving in would be easier than the otherwise

hence the birth of the wing dress series

in the process, of making and blogging at the same time
and feeling kinda exposed
...and supported (thank you, yes, you)
the process took over
even with my more frequent than i wish to admit
feet dragging

in fact i can see now
that resisting the process
created this turbulence that
made me long for the sky even more
after all, what i've known as a child
i had never forgotten
the feel of the flight
flapping of the wings

the last four years spent blogging 'coincided' with
the period i dedicated to reclaim my wings

well, somewhat, anyways

oh, i found a perfect quote along the way:

The beginning of love is at the end of resistance.
-Danielle Light

here's my new video - hope you enjoy

the beautifully emotive song is by ms. Betsy Grant, the first moment i heard it
i knew i found the perfect piece for my last video

please visit her website for more information:

thank you so much for your visit!

October 10, 2011

it must be (love).

just the other morn i
stumbled out the door for last minute garbage hauling
earlybird i am not, i held out my bag near-incoherent,
catching guys by the trash truck at the last second

surprise, i was
greeted by an unexpected

one of the busy guys he was
wearing a smile, subtle and serene,
as he paused to take my bag

haven't we met before, i almost said and thought twice
(that sounded like a lousy pick up line)

and in few hours i connected synapses
aaaha, he looked like....him!

i caught him in a jizou* moment!!

here's a link to the ultimate know-it-all's page on jizou

i want to introduce all of you
to my best friends in the neighborhood

i met them by a nondescript shrine in the middle of a rice field

everybody knows this is nowhere
they were emitting a sense of all-inclusive acceptance, sitting by them
even the biggest losses in my life felt alright somehow
and i thought:

this must be  l o v e,  baby

i am not buddha-ing on you in any way
i only know less than minimum about the subject anyways
all i want is for you to see how simply they are sculpted
and how effectively so, the artist knew
must have known it very well, the jizou moment


they survived the quakes!

just the other day
i would like it some day, somehow i become a master like this artist
flow in the jizou moment and leave behind me
a little something someone can sit by
and know that everything's cool, if only for a little while

this blog is finally wrapping up,
the next up: video!

thanks for coming by


i've been keeping my eye since, on new jizou encounters
here are some, in case you wonder how the other ones look

may take a while to load
click here to fly to flickr if the viewer doesn't work

Get the flash player here:

October 1, 2011

wing dress update: there's so much to sea!

it was a very hot summer, and
in mid august i fleed to the western japan
in search of a large body of saltwater to throw myself in
this girl couldn't help it

arrived by chance at tottori
and its famed sand dune

savoring ear-full of desert silence

would you like nose-full of salt water with that?


driving my rented nissan through corn field

it was a pleasant, comforting surprise
to find the tottori prefecture full of windmills making power
surprise, due to their adorable lack of self promotion


meeting moos while on land
then headed east, along the coast line
this is the region called san-in, "in the shadow of mountains"

driving through san-in "geopark" on its winding scenic route
 yup, geopark
finding gems along the way...

one of them gems
never want to leave...

the above is my personal best of the san-in gems
"yasugi", a quiet little village straight out of classic folk tales

.....wait, i think i was gonna tell you about something else....

oh. the dress.

on my last post, i was considering 2 options for the red trim around the neck
neither of them looked like this but that's what happens
when you rinse your nostrils with salt water one too many times

thank you for hanging with me

the dune at sun down