Making of a silk dress with a wing painted on it.
With dye in color blue black.
Realistic feathers placed unrealistically.
A long story told as is.
By artist/escapist Yuko Nagai, currently Miss Sore Thumb in a rural Japanese town
who rambles about random stuff as well.
Read on.
Thank you.

October 28, 2009

wing dress update: chasing the mirage (ver. #1 completed)

for those who just popped by
for the first time:

this is a blog about my project "wing dress" which began in may '07, been documenting the making of process since on this blog.
earlier this year however, i noticed few "fatal errors" on the first piece i had been working on until then, so decided to re-do the whole thing over.
today's post is about the completing of the first ("flawed", the perfectionist says) piece.

and yes, i punctuate all wrong and ignore caps.

as a nice lady i would like to
start out by talking about
changing seasons

it's autumn here
the leaves are doing
what they do so well and...

in a similar hue
i am doing what i am inclined to do

...and what is that?

those are silk fabrics dyed in
subtly varying shades of red

(i mixed red with blue black
in varying degrees of tinybitness)

since the red will be used for
trimming the neck line of the
pale cream dress
the first thing to do was the bleed test

creating the worst case scenario
-chosen two hang-dried,
drenched wet with red above white

so, any bleeding?

that's where the red goes
first, choose one or the other
yes yes, there really is a difference

...then the width
decisions came
quick and hunchy

one of the important points

since the fabric is very thin
seams are better be cut pretty or
will become too attention-catching

a lot of work really

i wanted to say "done" but
there was a nag in my gut
nagging in knot

why is that?

well, when i was trying to decide
the width of the hem
by eye- and hand-measuring it

over and over,
i picked "12cm" as the optimum width
it was really pretty amazing
how accurate your senses "measure"

then i went ahead and ignored it
and made it about 0.7cm wider

please don't ask why

since i am training myself out of perfectionism
i tried pretty hard to ignore the nagging
but the gnawing sense won in the end

yeah yeah i re-did the darn thing

the right is the 12cm opti-hemmed
can you tell the difference?

oh yes, there really is a difference
i know, because when it was done,
it stopped the nagging and
turned it into a warm glow

the mirage-like feeling i've been after
forever and ever...

but really, there is only a very thin line
between perfectionism and hunch-driven detailism
i tried to force-fit that cool "sloppy" approach on myself but
can't really fight your natural inclination, can you?

can i be in-the-groove dynamo and remain detailed?
accommodating the two in one person,
such tightrope balancing may be
the thrill, the chase, the carrot...

(nice lady trying at the cup half full sentiment)

stitching on the final hem
done pretty prrfectly

this post ends
of course with the season talk
whichever the ones you are having
on this round planet
i wish you a beautiful _____

thank you for your visit!!

October 17, 2009

wing dress in progress: the end of the pencil stage

dye design for the
revised version of my 2+yr old project
the wing dress

is now completed
on a pencil-on-paper model

come to think of it
almost exactly a year ago
i was at the same place as i stand today
with the wing dress version #1

which is almost complete and
looking mighty pretty in silk

more on that in a little while

for today
let me share with you the pictures of
the version#2 in paper form

i've come to my senses at last minute and
recorded the tail end bit of this pencil stage
so please have a look

additional note to the mobile visitors:
somehow the tube is determined not to make this one video viewable on cells and teles, my syndication setting keeps switching back to "unavailable on tele/cell", so that's why it doesn't show.

thank you for your visit

October 2, 2009

evolving into chiqueness

some insects evolve

i'm so very serious

form-function talk
just cannot explain
why someone like this
look the way he does

i mean

iridescent head and shoulders
appeared to be not of this planet...

for the sake of functionality, yes
aesthetic appeal surely was on their mind

and they didn't slack on details neither

please please please
take a moment and see

i've talked about it in the past
a year ago today in fact
about how they all seem to choose
my doorstep as the last stop before departure

another guy like that here
and he's a great pretender
modest at first glance but


peaking into front face and found
furry and shy buffalo-look

scary flashy cool
i guess he'd blend in just fine, if given the right circumstance
that's what they all are supposedly trying to do


so why oh why do you
look the way you do
and why is it that you all
express your individuality as a group

the spaceman don't say