Making of a silk dress with a wing painted on it.
With dye in color blue black.
Realistic feathers placed unrealistically.
A long story told as is.
By artist/escapist Yuko Nagai, currently Miss Sore Thumb in a rural Japanese town
who rambles about random stuff as well.
Read on.
Thank you.

February 28, 2009

on birthday of brian jones (1942-1969)

lots have already been said about brian jones
multi-instrumentalist, noted hedonist,
but what really was his contribution anyways?
while i would not even begin to pretend that
i have answer to such a profound question,

what stands out to me has always been his...

and if i say now "impeccable sense of style"
it'd be too trite, i'd be missing the point because
his genius was that, he styled himself with mind
intends to free itself of restrictions, socializations...
lots of bravado, i would not
never ever criticize him for
piggybacking on drugs

perhaps, just perhaps,
he could not not do it the way he did
he was at the mercy of his own creative force within
moved by an inner necessity, he had to dress just that way
in a sense, the way he lived his life was like that too
and how do i know that?

because it shows...

it was as if he lived in just that way, by no choice really,
to carve out a story, as if his own life was a work of art itself
so that we could look back and see just

how it governs you even despite ourselves
how we are all at the mercy of our
creative force within...

from David Dalton "The Rolling Stones, The First Twenty Years"
brian jones, an ethereal presence on far left
donning the relatively modest gear
circa 1964-65

February 27, 2009

wing dress update: one more push til i cross that line

update for my wing dress project
ongoing since may '07

all the dyed (with acid-type dyes) panels are now
put together roughly

as you see on below 3 photos...

now i am working on
pushing up the scale of "totalness"
-giving it a one last big push so that
the whole thing will cross the final line and
really come together

using pigment-type fabric paint as a
touch-up agent

you may or may not agree but
there still is
scattered, busy look to the thing
my task now is to make it come together somehow by
darkenning some, here there but not everywhere

what's important to me now is to

get in the groove fairly consistently
don't touch anything until i know exactly how
see, feel, work with 6th sense wide awake so
i'd know when's time to stop

sometimes i wonder if
i do all this just to be in the said groove...

so let's see how i do, if i could
pull this one off alright

thanks for your visit!

February 20, 2009

wing dress update: have i seen the...light?

wing dress is my ongoing project since may '07
made of 11 panels and 7 of them have
feathers drawn on em with
acid-type dye and some pigment ink

today's post will be a bit of a bore so
if you got things to do

(don't mean that of course)

besides, i am a
bit on a quiet end this evening...

peace in the valley tonight
silent, unholy night....

under beatle mania handkerchief lies, face down,
one of the dress panels
heat setting pigment paint used as touch-up

let's not go over george, he seems to have been a
very nice beatle

ruler is to straighten the fabric grain
bringing out the paper version of the dress and
marking the placement of the sleeve

then flip the panel and
on the wrong side, place the pattern and mark...

left seam allowance wider than usual
just to be on the safe side for now
one part is even wider, just in case i decide to
flare the sleeve a bit...

putting the 2 panels together with rough stitches

(working on this is a lot less boring as a matter of fact)

at the time of the last post i was
not quite sure if the dress was any good

thankyu my friends in blogosphere or otherwise
for your kind, assuring words...

i wanted to "roughly put together" the dress
hoping that would ignite enthusiasm
it's starting to look good to me
i think i was a bit out of zone
now i am beginning to see the light

more on their way
thanks for reading

February 14, 2009

wishing you all a....

i wish you all
a day filled with love
that is so rightly yours

whether you are

solo, pair, combo or beyond
either attached in joy
or in the otherwise
hitched, dropped,
or as facebook calls it in a
"it's complicated" variety

i wish you all a
free and easy access to
all the love your heart can hold
on this day and beyond...

February 5, 2009

wing dress update: good, bad or ...

so my project wing dress

i know
it's been a while

been working
in silence
since the last post

using, this time, pigment-type paint in blk/blue,
the dyed (with acid dye) and steam-set dress panels are
getting the touch-up treatment
from this me, the obsessive

cautiously though, for
over-application of the pigments will
stiffen and ruin the fluidity of
acid dye on silk

pinned onto the blank version of the dress
just to see

yes i've seen it alright, and, guess what
i don't like what i see


it looks a little too "busy" to me

so comes the challenge

in an attempt at toning down
darkenning where it is too light
to even it out a bit

(i know, it's hard to see with these photos but
please, kinda, try...)

pinned the thing one more time
i think i may be able to
live with this but...

from different angles...

is this
good, bad or...ugly?

(((ooooh noooo)))

cannot tell, what a
torment that is

then came the
light bulb moment

i need a model!

so get a model, i did

what seems like forever ago
i introduced my 1/2 sister from the planet uranus
in fact, i have another uranian relative-my cousin-
she's visiting me on "opposite saturn" holiday
apparently it's a big deal over there

who's that clown?
that's her, the uranian cousin

the string down her face is for her amusement,
the fan ornament on crown, that's her salute to japan
got it in little uranian tokyo she said

yeaaa, uranians...

she is from some sort of nomadic tribe
kept striking folk dance poses
at the end of my rope i said,
why can't you stand still like everyone else?
where is everyone else? was her reply

thanks to her, i still
cannot tell if it's good
guess i'll pin it back on bodice
and go into deep contemplation phase

thanks for reading!

February 3, 2009

my website is down, temporarily

dead link is a dreadful thing...

my website is
currently, um, down
i am in the process of hassling peacefully
with the domain host guys but
for a while, i will have a dead link

but i'm not dead and
not dissapearing from webspace


images from my ongoing experiment
with tiedye, making up methods as i go along...

(but not revealing what i did, just yet)

additional note:

the doteasy team had done a swift retrieval job
now my site is back to normal
hence no mas deadlink