Making of a silk dress with a wing painted on it.
With dye in color blue black.
Realistic feathers placed unrealistically.
A long story told as is.
By artist/escapist Yuko Nagai, currently Miss Sore Thumb in a rural Japanese town
who rambles about random stuff as well.
Read on.
Thank you.

November 25, 2008

wing dress update: title slump (can't come up with one)

so my wing dress project is moving forward steadily
for i have been
putting pretty much everything else on...hold

on my last wing dress post
i've shown you 6 out of 7 panels (to be painted in with dye)
completed to 70-80%

below: the last but not least
the 7th panel is the most challenging as
it is the front/ center piece with
lots of fade-outs and contrasts

as of 17th of november, 2008
(placed on left is the fabric, right is a pencil drawing as a guide)

as of nov. 23rd
(right: fabric)

pretty darn close
but that could change post heat-set
that is the procedure that follows

there were some challenging aspects

here's one:
when i traced the pattern onto the fabric
i was not at my best in terms of concentration
hence messy confusing lines, especially on lower right
(see that?)

i've gotten sharper somewhere along the process
fixed the messy pretty well

another part from the same panel i felt nervous about
due to the "fading" look i am after that i've never done before

traced onto fabric alright
could've been a bit more faint but
too late for that

a pencil drawing to
guide me to the desired

fabric, painted in
lookin nice
for now

it may turn out darker
when the dye's set

another part with drastic fading/ contrast

traced too dark again?
that's just gonna have

and i oughta make it turn out like this pencil drawing

the goddess of unnecessary self torment was on my side
turned out more than i hoped for so far

next step will be
to lay all the 7 panels flat and
bring them to utter prrrrrrrrrrfection altogether

first i must bring myself to my sharpest, preferably
then find me some floor space ha ha.....

that's all for today
i'm gonna im the said goddes now
thanks for viewing!

November 24, 2008

time is relative: steven soderbergh "the limey" (1999)

while i was growing up i used to
entertain thoughts that produced massive anxiety
(like that's the thing to do)
for example
this concept of time thing
i found it exciting to doubt the idea that
it runs in linear, even motion like on a monorail

evidently i wasn't the only one who felt that way
(aside from einstein, of course)

the main character-the limey-is a brit criminal dad (terence stamp!)
coming to los angeles following his daughter's death
that had taken place in the city
to find out whatever the hell had happened

as his mind wanders and recalls
so does the film, the scenes go back and forth in varying speed
no doubt experimental yet not at all pretentious
in fact i find it rather emotional
although (or especially because)
the dad displays no obvious emotions

vertical noises, blurs, delays, overdubs
silences, gaps and slow motions are
all woven into a plot that is surprisingly deep
and what comes down in the end makes me wonder
...just how are you going to live with that?
(and terence stamp will show you how with his subdued acting)
all the while the film maintains a witty stance
that keeps it from weighing you down

here's a scene from the film, a drive to big sur

now that i'm out of things to say, let me refer you to...

a wiki page on the film does a good job telling you all the details
and a pro critic has much more to add to that

let's have terence stamp sum it up:

"This is a real film. It's not a sequel, it's not gonna be the Limey 4. It's what a film should be. It's made by, it's been invented and inspired by a group of wonderful people who love what they are doing and this is why I became an actor"

November 18, 2008

wing dress update: how to stop time from flying

have you noticed that time really flies?
i have

it's really been fying here at the north end of central j-land
but nothing to be sad about because i am flying with my...

wing dress!!

the dress is constructed of total of 11 panels and
7 out of them are to be painted with fabric dye

as the photos you see below
(dress panels laid flat next to pencil drawings)

these are completed to about 70-80%
the plan is to bring them all to that level first
then to 200+% altogether

i know
that's only 6 of them
the 7th is coming, that's the front/ center piece
i am resting for a few breaths
before taking on the challenge

an example of super-detailing

the 3rd from top feather---with an arrow pointing at it
that's the next one i'm after
top 2 have been treated, rather obsessively

using a hair at the tip of the brush that is kept pretty dry
applying very light pressure

well look, it didn't take that long
when in an "extreme" condition like this
time could stop flying, it seems like

another evidence of "extreme" concentration
i've given myself a bit of extra challenge by
neglecting to iron the fabric beforehand

thanks for viewing

November 3, 2008

wing dress update: fair enough


my wing dress project is making a steady progress
now i am painting the feathers on fabric
-the best part of the process, nearing completion-
i am beginning to feel the momentum that
keeps me from sleeping at times but

my aim now is to
go at it easy
stop and rest a while if i start to feel myself
getting into this full-on obsessive-compulsive kamikaze mode

as of november 1st

sharpenning up the blurry...

using the very very tip of a brush

like this, good for now

this piece, right side of front of the dress
is done for now, although not "done" done

unlike when i made dye swatches, the isolated pieces,
i'd bring each piece to 3 steps short of completion at first
then work on them altogether to completion

that's my plan anyways

painting in the fine details i found to be a
highly hypnotic process (when it's good)
with only one hand in movement

not hard to imagine what happens to the rest of you
after few hours of doing that


moving about occasionally would be the crucial
if it involves conversing with another speaking creature
that'd be a great plus ha ha

so i went, a neighborhood fair at nearby port
i share with you some images i found there...

mid-century subaru at display
(someone's showing off his beloved)

very nice sf mad scientist look
front and back of the car

wheel cap cranes

fabrics i found
very japonesque ones and....

...go-go mama synthetic print
not the best of the kind but
how can i keep myself away from this...

and...wat arrrr yu???
my god, look at you, looking all decadant
you could get arrested looking like that
in broad daylight...

so that was my walk-abouts / chat-ups
now i am ready for my
extended isolation
soon i will
write more from there

thanks for viewing