Making of a silk dress with a wing painted on it.
With dye in color blue black.
Realistic feathers placed unrealistically.
A long story told as is.
By artist/escapist Yuko Nagai, currently Miss Sore Thumb in a rural Japanese town
who rambles about random stuff as well.
Read on.
Thank you.

October 31, 2008

wing dress update...and a little bit of boo!

happy halloween to those of you who celebrate the day
getting, perhaps, crazed in maddenning outfits in dark tonight...

sounds great, i could have done that in my rural japanese setting
and get arrested most probably but instead,

i played it safe, look!!

that's the very first batch of cookies i've ever made in my life

(((preening and proud)))

peanut butter kind, m&m's embedded for the effect
that's as halloweeny as i could get

recipe is here

tho sweetened only with honey
could be less sweet if yu ask (i know you won't)
(i made the ones w/o m&m's as well)

other than that, chewy and devilish

now about the wing dress

as of oct. 29th at 2pm-ish
switching to the smallish brush and


started to darken further in details

this brush allows me much more even application of dye
than the last one i used that was about 3 times wider

and keep referring to the paper version i've made previously

that's all for today

for those of you crazed folks
have fun

don't get caught

October 28, 2008

wing dress update: the beginning of the real deal

on my last post, i had completed the
placement of feather patterns on the
paper model of the dress

what's next is this

tracing the patterns on to the dress (part)
referring to the forementioned paper model

started with the easiest-looking piece

some of the lines probably should be finer but
i decided not to go too perfectionistic on this

before starting to fill in the shades
i prefer to extend the feathers wider
it's just easier that way

using a hair of the brush

started filling in from peripherals
keeping the brush very dry
applying very little pressure

the very first stage, done

looking hopelessly messy in the beginning but
that seems to be the way it usually goes

this procedure is pretty much the same as
when i made dye swatches

but one major difference would be that
there are many places where the feathers are
half-way fading, in "high contrast" style
never done this before but
i've always wanted to

the challenge in it is that, dye particles,
even if it's barely visible when painted in,
come alive after steam-set so...

let's see how i pull this one off

thanks for viewing
more on their way

October 20, 2008

wing dress update: oh what a perfick day...

greetings from rural japanese town

in autumn the below rivermouth and other waterfronts
attract many fishing guys

photo taken just yesterday

now to the business

the last post on drawing on the paper model of the dress
was on 15th of september
mind boggling to realize i've been messing with this for
another one entire month but

let's not go there

as of sept. 15th
circled are the area that didn't quite do

fast forward to 15th 0f 0ctober
no more drawing on the far-right piece (left sleeve front),
modified the previously circled area but
the newly-circled are the places that
still do not flow...

it doesn't dooooo

20th of october---yes, today
yuko the perfectionista said,

see how different it looks on the back

up close...
this look made me very happy

i'm gonna savor this feeling for a while
then move on to the next task
which is to
transfer (meaning, paint) all this
onto the fabric of my choice
using fabric dye

one day this piece shall be

October 2, 2008

wing dress update: can you see what i see...?

back in may '08 when i made a sewing pattern
(for a dress i have been working on called "wing dress"
just because it'll have a wing on it dyed/ painted)
i created 2 models just to see the shape of it

but now i went ahead and made another one
using the very fabric for the final piece
-fine, flimsy stretch silk satin
for this is the first time i use this material and, and...
i got a bit paranoid

what you see on the left is the
"blank" version of the dress with
a dye swatch pinned upon it

kind of very....blank looking

originally, when i came up with the whole idea in may '07,
what i had in mind was kind of 60's shift dress look but...

a rough sketch from may '07

as it progressed, i realized that
the image no longer fit the emerging design of the dress but then...
i had a flash

roughly stitched red trim/ string as an experiment
steering towards a bit of bizzaro
just as it should be

finer string/ trim may work better but
either way i started to see it coming together

(rewarding moment for me)

can you?

thank you for viewing

one more post on two more bugs

i don't mean to turn this into a bug blog but
since the last post on the stylish moth
the other ones keep showing up at my doorsteps

all the flashy bugs in my neighborhood
i think they are whispering to each other about
the blogging lady down the street
and posthumous recognition that chic moth recieved

a little overdone? who am i to say...
caterpillar the definite eye catcher


another chic moth who was about to expire
i had an honor to share her last moments...

by the way,
they stayed perfectly still while being photographed