Making of a silk dress with a wing painted on it.
With dye in color blue black.
Realistic feathers placed unrealistically.
A long story told as is.
By artist/escapist Yuko Nagai, currently Miss Sore Thumb in a rural Japanese town
who rambles about random stuff as well.
Read on.
Thank you.

September 21, 2008

tickle my style bug

she was already deceased when i found her

the most styling living thing
i can encounter at where i live
would definitely be the insects

why the head in color red?
and comb-shaped antennae??
stripes accentuate the shape of wings!!

i'm certain some bug specialist can tell me
the reasons for these features in terms of functionality but but
i smell a little aesthetic tweak going on as well

that's the mystery to be unresolved

September 15, 2008

wing dress update: down the path to the greater irrationality

....or so i say

been soso looong since i've posted on this the last time

well, yu see, the summer needed my tending to it
but this is what i've been doing during those super-hot months

first, i traced the feather outlines drawn on paper
to another set of thicker paper strips cut in shape of the dress

and these are the strips

then pinned them onto a sewing body
and gave them the general "shading"

gotten too hard to work on the body
so i tacked them on wall a la world map

lightly "shaded" heavier shading, but in the realm of
"right" shading meaning
light hits from one end and shadow descends on the other
that sort of thing

then buckled myself up for a ride that may
take me further into....what?

the irrational, the... the.....
state of makin-no-sense-academically
trying to go there with
subtlety and style has been
the major time consuming factor

(apart from summer demanding my participation, that is)

and i only know whether i am close to it or not
from the way i feel about it but
that is another matter of subtlety

there or not, i try

just trying to forget this was a wing when it began

i am not entirely sure if i could
paint fading feathers as you see below, using dye
on somewhat flimsy silk

so far, not so bad

still in progress but put together on the body again
just to see each piece in relation to another
and go from there

thanks for viewing

September 6, 2008

reunited, and it feels so.... : sex pistols live in tokyo '08

first of all, whoever designed this venue
i want to give you a plentiful kudos
i'm talking about the venue
where the reunited (again) pistols performed
called "studio coast" near tokyo bay

it's superbly designed
long in sideways, relatively small
optimum for comfy viewing from
almost everywhere

been there once before by the way
for nine inch nails show, may '07
although 'twas rather simple stage setting
(in the venue so small!!!)
i'd call the experience "nin supreme"
bounds melt, full of sexual energy

-pretty good for techy geek, i must say

(just teasing)

but that wasn't what i was gonna talk about!

yes, the sex pistols

the sign everyone seems to want to photograph
the bar scene inside

if you happen to find yourself in the above pics and are not psyched about it, please drop me a line at the below address and i will take it down immediately.

at first i was a wee-bit concerned, that,
since "the guitar guy" has become
the beloved radio show host he may have


and will now sound like is playing ukulele

but the first chord he hit and i knew
i need not worry

not much else to say other than that,
they put on a good show, very tight
their signature "'now' focus" ever present
i heard some ramble on matters such as
anger/frustration vs. professionalism
but hey, you can't stay angry in the same old way for 30yrs
maybe you can, i'd rather not

(i'm totally softened)

when you can't die and you can't be softened,
ya gonna have to come up with anotha way to get....sharpened
their tightness is the kind, that brutally, unforgivingly brings you
back and back and back to the present where
who you have been and what you have done matters little
and i'd think,

such pursuit of purity of the moment is, in a sense
more than enough rebellion in this day of age