Making of a silk dress with a wing painted on it.
With dye in color blue black.
Realistic feathers placed unrealistically.
A long story told as is.
By artist/escapist Yuko Nagai, currently Miss Sore Thumb in a rural Japanese town
who rambles about random stuff as well.
Read on.
Thank you.

May 14, 2008

a chicken in harbor

while digging up piles of papers
i found a cartoon i did back in circa 2001
for a postcard to a friend

lovingly teasing my own cowardice...

thought i'd share that with you

that's all

timidly yours,

May 12, 2008

tied and dyed for my mother

talkin bout tee shirt i made for my ma
as a mom's day gift

first step:
general idea drawn in a line

grew into something like this

since the giftee (my ma) does calligraphy-
the japanese, charcoal/ brush type of affair

i was naturally drifted toward the
"brush/ ink partially fading" feel

in detail

the plan is to
stitch on short, side-way lines cutting across
long winding lines...

fast foward
stitched up
(gotten into trance stitching
i forgot to snap a shot in the process)

hairpin curves were a bit of challenge
as they often are

dye solution, boilin hot in stainless steel pot
big enough to give large sized kitty a hot bath

(pls be noted: i'm loving/ kind to animals)

the kind of dye used for cotton 100% is called

direct dye

i mixed blue and a bit of purple
without having a clear picture of what to expect

below: post dye, half dry
color turned out to be plain but pretty blue

removing the thread
high on anticipation


i'd say i feel alright about it

of course i am being modest

the ribbon goes around to the back of neck
and fades there like brush stroke would

although the tie-dyeing was a
side tracking one-time project at first
i got on a roll with it
on a detour roll

and started another one
what do you think how it will look
when it's done?

i have some visions loosely held

of course i will post it when it's done
thanks and bye!!

May 11, 2008

pizza for wimpy ladies

momma's day special:
cooking post

(who thought of such day anyways
whoever it was
come over here lemme spank you)


happy mother's day
to those of you who do bother to celebrate

i bothered


decided to make my ma pizza
from scratch, mind you

got to get the stuff
like, pizza stuff
that can be a
bit of effort
at where i reside

road to mozza(rella)

opted for somewhat wimpy pizza

dough made of wholewheat flour
what's not visible here is anchovy

in small oven
without pizza stone

what you can't tell from these photos is the taste
and of course i'll tell you it was super

you'll just have to
take my word for it...

she (mother) got a
tie-dyed tee as well
of course i did it myself
you will see it on my next post

that is, if you bother to visit this blog again
i hope you will
til then

(((wimpy smile)))

May 8, 2008

wing dress update: shapes of things

happy 1yr anniversary to this blog
thank yu for letting me babble on and on
without even punctuating

(((big smile of appreciation)))

now onto the subject

i've always dreaded pattern making
this "always", in fact, lasted for few decades

but you live on dreading (and dragging on with) something and
one day, walla, something miraculous happens

well this time around i got into the craft
so much so that i almost forgot i had a blog

but not completely so
see, i snapped few photos here and there

fishing for inspirations in
my mother's notes from early 70's

why early 70's?
tight-fitted shoulder lines from that era
goes well with what i have in mind

far right:
the basic pattern ("sloper", they call)
i made almost a year ago

fast foward to the midst of
experimenting this and that

test-assembling the dress
using cotton "sheeting" material

too short, too flared
(tennis, anybody?)

plus the sleeves too wide

the dyed swatch pinned on shoulder
to get in the mood

adjusting the shape/ length,
first on the sheeting fabric model

and okayed by me

the knee-length "shift" dress
with slight flare

transferred the changes
onto the pattern and here, you see
the finished version of it

the one on left is made from fabric
with texture more similar to that of the dress-to-be

the object of the labour:
just to see how it hangs
i wish to avoid both
"bulky" and "too tight fitted" look

very arbus-kubrik ala "shining" look to the photo, by the way
....and they are in my room!!

(cold chill down my back)

now onto the next piece
i told you i'm on a roll

my plan for the piece
as of now

that's arm hole cut in middle to fit
the lines must connect in smooth curve

i've always wanted to experiment with the
luxurious "thea porter sleeves"

(i named it)

drawing the curvy line's a delicate matter
i went for free-handing at first
although it's not what's commonly suggested

(but worked well here)

fast-foward to the completion

made 2 pieces, just as i did earlier

that's my twin sister
my holy guardian ghost

okay, that's me
trying (the right piece) on and
showing off the sleeve

getting ready for the next task that is
to decide the placement of "wing" patterns

the task that demands me to be
"in tune + in the groove" the most

thank you for reading