Making of a silk dress with a wing painted on it.
With dye in color blue black.
Realistic feathers placed unrealistically.
A long story told as is.
By artist/escapist Yuko Nagai, currently Miss Sore Thumb in a rural Japanese town
who rambles about random stuff as well.
Read on.
Thank you.

June 7, 2008

photo friday: missing teeth

Missing Teeth

this week's photo friday challenge is: tools

the above photo was taken earlier this year
at a mill, left standing decaying, like
many other things in this
forgotten small town with declining population

they had few nice'n' weathered sawhorses there and
i was contemplating on how to secretly secure a few

(they are mighty weighty)

(you can call it theft planning)
(i wouldn't)

when the place procured a new owner
that was the end of that

never ceased to amaze me just how long the
good, solid wood can last, almost remaining alive
even after being cut, nailed and becoming a tool


obscurio said...

So, the Mill is no longer abandoned. Good for her.

I find your tool pictures from the Mill fascinating. Everything looks like it would crumble into dust if it were touched.

BTW, I have some balm for a sore-horse, if you need it. ;`)

yuko said...

Thanks obscurio!

Now I know who to contact when I run into one :^)