Making of a silk dress with a wing painted on it.
With dye in color blue black.
Realistic feathers placed unrealistically.
A long story told as is.
By artist/escapist Yuko Nagai, currently Miss Sore Thumb in a rural Japanese town
who rambles about random stuff as well.
Read on.
Thank you.

February 15, 2008

photo friday: what is that, really???

this week's photo friday challenge has been: "what is that?"

of course i am not telling (((smirk)))

(well, what do you think?)

i'm just gonna leave you guessing and
go lay my chocolaty head down
sweet dreams....


obscurio said...

could it be:

an armada of silver birch

launched on a sea of

fescue green ?

obscurio said...


a field of albino flamingoes ?

webmaster pomona said...

your guesses are more entertaining than my image ;^D

bluerose9062 said...

My guess isn't as interesting as Obscurio's. I'm guessing outdoor chairs and/or tables. I have to admit, though, my first impression was something haunting like a graveyard, but then I guess as I tried to figure it out, my left brain took over and thought of something more ordinary.

Anonymous said...

... or perharps a cemetery full of white crosses ...

greetings, eve

webmaster pomona said...

you guessed it right!!! yei!
those are the plastic table legs set outside for a fireworks festival.

that's a guess with a bit of gothic twist ;^J

Anonymous said...

... it's not the way i'm usualy thinking, it was just my first impression when i past by this morning to look about the progress of the birth of your wing dress ...

excuse me, my english isn't the best, eve

webmaster pomona said...

hi eve,
you know what, you are absolutely right about that!
i envision my wing dress to be a bit gothic, and in fact, i do have several more photos i took that resemble graveyard .
i'd say, your impression's pretty impressive ;^D
please check back again!!

Anonymous said...

... of course i will check again.

since i found the pictures of your dragon-dress on your site "" by a very lucky chance about a year ago, you have found a new admirer ...
it's hard for me to formulate my admiration for you in a non-native-language - but your objects are not merely beautiful, but full of a very strong charm ( and i have seen them only on photographies, how much stronger would it be to see them in real life - waving in a little breeze ...)

oh yes, of course i will check again ...

warm regards, eve

webmaster pomona said...

thank you for your kind words: means a lot to me ;^J