Making of a silk dress with a wing painted on it.
With dye in color blue black.
Realistic feathers placed unrealistically.
A long story told as is.
By artist/escapist Yuko Nagai, currently Miss Sore Thumb in a rural Japanese town
who rambles about random stuff as well.
Read on.
Thank you.

November 28, 2007

wordless wednesday: los angeles 1997-shot with blurry eyes

for more fabulous wordless photos,
visit wordless wednesday headquarter

on film editing, "torn from the flag"(2007) and tenshin (okakura) latte

i mentioned on my last post that,
the editing job done on "one plus one" trailer

it put emphasis on
what might be marketable
and not on
what the director's driving at

not that i have a clue
of what that would be

speaking of editing

a good friend of mine
happens to be a happening film editor
(among many other things)

"torn from the flag"
is her latest work

here's the trailer
and an interview to follow

(sorry, url only, for swift page loading)

i haven't seen the film but would love to
....seems quite thought provoking....

i strongly doubt it would be viewable
here in kitaibaragi, japan
(i may have to visit the
dreaded tokio for that)

no movie theater here but only
occasional film screenings at
tenshin (okakura) memorial museum

they have a nice cafe, overlooking pacific

summer time delight,
an outdoor cafe
with my latte, mini pad and

.....a latte smiley!!
with a cinnamon cigar

let's have a latte toast to
the guy of "book of tea"

tenshin okakura had an art school here
right on this mini peninsula

the kind of sight he savored,
most probably

my friend by the way, has a website
she has a name, too!

here's film editor stephanie's site

oh, and
the wordless wednsesday post above,
the second pic is her

November 26, 2007

more thoughts on “one plus one”, the rolling stones, and the mystery of life

(continued from the previous post)

watched the film “one plus one”
for plenty more times
as i worked on my cafepress store logo

(the scrap yard scenes, guys reading eldridge cleaver outloud,
the wit in those scenes’ been growing on me)

been thinking of just how
brian jones’ life captivates me
as if
he used his own life as a canvas
and drew on it
an unforgettable picture

a revealing one

probably despite himself

i’ve read many materials about his and their lives in the 60’s
as if they hold the key to the magic and mystery of creativity
all i know is that, even if i was there
i wouldn’t know what’s what

right can be wrong
what’s lost may be restored elsewhere
and cruel could add to
the wholeness in the end

just as
“every cop is a criminal/
all the sinners saints”

haven’t seen the end of the story
and the story, it never ends

one remarkable thing is that
things aren’t hidden
in the film
with the band
and with mr. jones

as i rendered on thoughts as such,
a scene from another film 
“Le Peuple Migrateur” (2001)
came to my mind
the scene where a baby bird, the first one hatched,
soaked, blind and trembling,
pushes other eggs over the edge of its nest

ain’t no room for right or wrong

below: the trailer for the film,
badly edited

"one plus one" is the title originally intended by
maestro godard

November 25, 2007

the rolling stones, their process: "one plus one" (1968)

i have a thing for
the (rolling) stones in 1960's
it's the kind of thing that is
like a recurring cold
you just cannot shake off

i am renting godard (jean luc)'s "one plus one"
first time to view the film on dvd
gives me so much details

(the color of
charlie watts' jacket lining!)

(for those who aren't that stones savvy,
the film captures the band in studio recording the song " sympathy for the devil")

this special re-issue version
also comes with godard's interview
where he uses the word "art" much too many times
(i've had my fill. ear-full)
and some "making of" footages

so the stones in the 60's
up until, say, the altamont incident
appears to be, to my eyes,
more of a social phenomenon than just a musical group
and a very intense theater of human interactions,
played up maybe but remained very real throughout the decade

i am probably too much of an unsophisticated thinker to


what godard was after, and as an art-dim ape i'd say,
the film's seeming intent appears to me as


bright contrast to the
distinctive quality of the band members' presence: timeless and real
they speak it all without saying it

just a point of view from an ape,
art-dim and biased

one more ape-nion:

so the time was 1968, almost everyone in the film,
actors and non-actors alike,
sporting the "hip" attire but
as i muttered on my post the other day,
on some/ many, i don't see the connection between
their inside and the garment donned

inside/ out connection-wise,
maestro godard's "look"
(that resembles a drunken office worker, absolutely not "1968")
seems more "hip" to my eyes

style is a language of its own
speak your truth and you may get through to
some art-dim apes seekin "real"

in an out-of-print book called
"Rolling Stones"
(©1972 Amsco Music Publishing Company)
there's an article called "An Interview With Mick Jagger"
by Jonathan Cott/ Sue Cox (1968)

---excerpt from the book---

What is "One Plus One" about?

I have no idea really. I know he's shooting with color film used by astronauts when re-entering the earth's atmosphere. I mean he's completely freaky. I think the idea for the movie is great but I don't think it will be the same when it is finished.

What is the idea Godard has told you?

Well it's his [Godard's] wife who plays the lead chick. She comes to London and gets totally destroyed with some spade cat. Gets involved with drugs or something. Anyway, while she is getting destroyed we find the Rolling Stones freaking out at the recording studiomaking these sounds.
Godard happened to catch us on two very good nights. He might have come every night for two weeks and just seen us looking at each other with blank faces and it would have been the same side of the coin as the chick destroying herself and us sitting there looking bored. One night he got us going over and over this song called 'Sympathy For The Devil.' It started out as a folky thing like 'Jigsaw Puzzle' but that didn't make it so we kept going over it and changing it until it finally comes out as a samba. So Godard has the whole thing from beginning to end.
That's something I've always wanted to do on film. It's probably very boring to most people but when he finished cutting it, it will be great.

---end of excerpt---

i am gonna quote from a book
that has been near and dear to me for
many many years

"The True Adventure of the Rolling Stones"
©1984, 2000 by Stanley Booth

the auther toured with the band in 1969
then ignoring the convention,
wrote about everybody involved/ in his life
with equal importance+weight
while taking his time-nearly 1.5 decade!!-completing the task

"I had left Tulane and was in Memphis, working for the Tennessee Department of Public Welfare, an outfit that confirmed every fear I'd ever had about the social system. I would come out of a house that stank with the ammonia smell of poverty, start my car, turn on the radio -there was interesting music on the car radio for the first time since 1957- hear the Beatles or the Supremes and have to turn the radio off. The happiness of popular music was unbearable at such times, but I could always listen to the Stones. I sensed the strong blues truth that underlay their music."

at times when i couldn't bear reading anything,
i could still open this book and feel at home...

the books i talked about and do recommend
(far right, the japanese version of the "rolling stones" book, an almost real-time purchase, very good-hip-translation job)

cut me some slack on a bad lighting
i a m g e t t i n g s l e e p y

November 22, 2007

more 1982 photos, "shame about the focus" picks

i opened a box of 35mm film negatives
for the first time since i had put them in it

some of them goes back some 30yrs
but what i examined yesterday
are the ones from 1982
when i was 18 and in art school
taking photography course
from which i'd soon drop out

i didn't know it then
but reviewing my work now
i think i was doing just fine

posted below are what i'd call my
"ooops, shame 'bout the focus" shots

(the dog photo "OurEyesMet" from the previous post
also in the category)

and one extra,
an image that is
intentionally "off" that had
turned out just fine, i think

kinda like meself

(((soft-focused grin)))

November 19, 2007

the wing dress progress report: from the "wof-wof" to a glam bird...?

been a while since my
last wing drawing post

been workin on
two wing drawings simultaneously
and silently

one of them is what you see today

this is where i left off

the top of the wing
looking a bit like a hound
so i named it the "wof-wof wing"
and worked on the other drawing

until a month later.....

removed a few of
the left ears

the scale-like feathers
well, most of them

few days spent observing with
loosely-focused glances

recognize a new growth

growing further....

decided to simplify a bit
too cluttered, i thought

more erasing action

detail of changes took place

comparing the below two
(number 2 and 3)

can you tell what's been changed?


....and after

one more set

again, before....

...and after

then i saw
the "hound" ears are now
like an airborne wig!

wig gone

this is where it gets fun!

starting to "see"
floaty feathers
riding and clinging

i'm referring to
where it is erased white

so this is the updated "wing"
not done yet but
gettin close

when the drawings are done i will be
tracing them onto a dress!

it will be

my inspiration sources for the drawing are
something like.....


this and...


the above photo, from unknown source,
mr. (brian) eno in his roxy music days
very brief glam period of
the professor eno

i rate him as the
best of the "glam" kind
i am talkin "style"

style, fashion, rag, garment
whatever you call it
it would not work unless
the wearer has an
inner necessity to dress
just that way

the art of clothing and style is
by nature, at its best,
a philosophical act

in his recent interview
mr. eno commented on the glam period
quite positively

unlike many of his peers,
without a tinge of
one of those embarrassment

(but i don't recall his words
if i find the article, i will post it)

that glam-ish "elsewhere".....
that is, in fact, everywhere
in daily daily-ness of everyday life!!!

how delightful is that, i'd say

good night