Making of a silk dress with a wing painted on it.
With dye in color blue black.
Realistic feathers placed unrealistically.
A long story told as is.
By artist/escapist Yuko Nagai, currently Miss Sore Thumb in a rural Japanese town
who rambles about random stuff as well.
Read on.
Thank you.

October 20, 2007

on mark beer, additionally and how i got over my downtime

lastnight i posted writing about the
downtime i've been having but somehow......


i got over it immediately after the posting
(aaah that's how you do it, ha?)

mark beer
below you see my
first video editing attempt
for a 30sec. songclip for the song

i tried not to get in a way with visuals
by adding too much "meanings"
but to align with the sound texture
and to deconstruct the song a bit into colors
and use the flickering effect you get
from changing colors quickly
("noise", in other words..)
as an added flavor

or so i say

(warning: minor epilepsy alert)

some days i feel like i must explain myself
tomorrow i may arrive at polar opposite
omitting everything and playing aloof

October 19, 2007

digging up a treasure during downtime: mark beer "pretty" (1981)

lately lacking mental stamina
to go through with ebb/ flow of my own artsies
downtimes are inevitable
i'd use it to appreciate
birds, bees and other people's stuff

during a dog walk this afternoon,a song came to my....mouth
it's the magic of creativity
what i need the most surfaces right on time

the song is
mark beer's

came out in early 80's
nearly obscure but unforgettable

since i lost my copy during my
long and winding life track
i borrowed the image from

this site

they have mp3 sample on their site
i want you to hear it
if you haven't already

this song sounds "glam" to me
as in "glam rock" glam
not by specific elements but
in essence
it has a feel of
floating above human affairs
and sparkling midair in flagments

believe me, my dog knows what i mean
she had seen me do that a bit on sidewalk
while i sang the song for two of us

October 14, 2007

subtlety that demands: "the brown bunny" (2004)

one restless september night in '05 i
rented the brown bunny, a vincent gallo feature
as i was already antsy enough, too much so for the film's sensibility
i shifted on my couch throughout, all the way til the end

totally unmoved by what i had just seen
i got up to get ready for the next day, in a hurry
my intellect categorized it away in a pile marked "boring"

.....until maybe 10 minutes or so later when i
began to have a dull ache on my chest
and i knew it wasn't a heartattack
the film affected me in a
strangest manner
never happened
to me before

it completely skipped the conscious mind barrier
and reached directly to the depth of my psyche
the knowledge, the memory that is so personal
yet so universal at its core
but so oft despised, camouflaged

it is a bold film
boldly subtle
understated yet revealing
presenting the things we all know about living
strictly in a cinema language

ow, and the
much-talked-about "graphic grown-up content" at the end
that probably is one of the most painful scenes
i have ever seen among all the other
"honest films" i've viewed so far

and one more thing:
director's commentary on dvd
is a fascinating "process" talk
i recommend it, highly

and lastly:
that night i got over my antsy spell
that was ongoing for much too long

October 11, 2007

the strangest fruit: a new project....?

tonight: new moon

i am juggling several projects with
some of them due on manana

they are sitting on a "dead line"
like circus monkeys killing time,
the oddball "fruit" on my last post,

i have been going back there with my camera
video taping short footages (with me talking)
thinking of editing them into a short video

because, you know, eventually,
something will have to happen to the, um,

so now i am this lady,
talking to a tree with a camera
in foreign language
in her wetsuit

(am on my way to the beach)

i am hoping, i am not in a
same category as this......fruit

(please be noted that,
to join the league of the strange
doesn't take a whole lot here
in rural japanese town)

i now must carry on with my "monkeys" but
i wanted to post the below pics

the fruit as of today
just like it was yesterday

(the thing's been there, looking same
for at least a month)

a tree across the street from The Tree
with identical leaves, trunk,
but bearing totally different...berries???

by the way

i am trying not to scatter my efforts
starting too many projects
am also trying
not to dismiss the tugging at my sleeve

delicate balance to keep

gotta git ta wok

October 8, 2007

today's photos (words-minimum, the artist-down)

being temporarily tender and temperamental,
my words are flowing at minimum rate today
walked about for
cloudy day image capturing
nice and soothing

lemme share some
(all shot today)

natural wonder 1


(this was the only "fruit" hanging from the entire tree)

natural wonder 2:
bug netting
stretching over leaves
just as ladies' nylon stockings would
on a corner-shop mugger

(eventually, the netting will hold
very many mini caterpillars inside)

sky darker than the sea
at 64sec. exposure

October 4, 2007

i didn't mean to wofwof

today, i drew one feather
then realized that
it is starting to look like
one of those dogs with long ears

a sheep,

......something mammal



too even is the problem

most of the time
project in process looks hideous
(my experience)
got to hold my vision and
keep on

today, on the way to the beach i
picked a leaf particularly appealing to me

bye for now


October 2, 2007

drawing process taken apart

i was gonna talk about donald cammell
(the film director)

instead, i decided to take (pick?) apart my
drawing of a wing for the wing dress in making

(please see the right hand side for
a brief explanation of
what i mean by the "wing dress")

below pic:
this is where i started today

i erased part of what i had drawn to
make space for a kind of glam-looking feather
hangs from the joint of the wing

such decorative addition do not exist on
actual bird wings but
they will look good
once traced onto the dress

my tools:
pencils from 1B to 7B
they are named "van gough"
and are of course from holland

drawn on paper are traces of
my mental CAD-ing the next wing to be drawn
which will have a lot more movements

and 2 "scream" rocks keeping pencils
in place

close-up of my prized possesions:

scream (munch)

scream (the film)

wat's wiz the fur bed?


let's begin