Making of a silk dress with a wing painted on it.
With dye in color blue black.
Realistic feathers placed unrealistically.
A long story told as is.
By artist/escapist Yuko Nagai, currently Miss Sore Thumb in a rural Japanese town
who rambles about random stuff as well.
Read on.
Thank you.

July 27, 2007

never mind the plastic bags: they leak!!

this is yuko the
foolhardy ho
(no not a ho)

i woke up this morning and
realized it was time for the pool
i woke up this morning and
realized it was time for the pool
skipping through the sidewalk,
got there 9am sharp

(it's a blues tune lyric, folks!!)

much to my surprise
there already woz a small crowd
i expected it to be empty
as it often is

(still singin)

i wos gonna take some videos in the pool
i wanted quiet but

turned out there was,
among about 10 children,
the loudest little muzafuka of this little village
throwing himself into the once-still water

i did my mandatory whines of course

which is documented here on the
first video i shot today

then realized that
the movement of water's giving me a
wonderful effect
(thankyu kids!)
got several pretty cool ones after that

stayed in water too long
the bag began to leak!!!

i got it out just in time to
resuscitate (it, not me)
tough baby, kodak dx7440

a ready-made fit-for-all water housing is
now on its way

bye for now!

July 26, 2007

water housing: the punk method

today's subject matter:
my kind of under-water housing

it's easy
easier than learning your abc's
hands down

the first layer of
your ordinary plastic bag
i'd say
2 knots

bagged once and
shot from poquito afar

don't leave too much air
or may pop under pressure

bagged twice
hazy foggy blurry

laugh, if you must

(by the way
the pretty aqua fabric seen foreground is a
hand-printed scarf made by me
silky and light, it float on air behind you)

i am not against conventional water housing
that i don't have, yet, but indeed
if i wanna do my swim-n-shoot using my point-n-shoot
and if i wanna do it today

do what you wanna with what you got now
the punk method, i call it

my camera is kodak dx7440
made for u.s.a., in jpn
it has a good, bulky grip
hard to find in japanese market

i like it very much
literally "comes in handy" because
my kind of water housing doesn't come with straps
i'm gonna have to hang on to it
and swim

see, senor

below: an example of the messy

round, clear bubbles on left-i did it on purpose
(of breathing and for a photographic effect)

blurry shadow at bottom/ on right
plastic bags did it

green is from the planktons
not from the filth
(and how'd you define filth?)
this is why we have
rockin sushi in this region


more pics using this method here

below: taking baby steps underwater
posted just so you can see the true potential of
plastic bags
i promise i will
post something more substantial as i
get used to the act

i am very certain that you are a refined, intelligent oddball
(for you to read this this far you must be ;^)
who doesn't need to be told of the following
you may not even gonna go this foolhardy
but i am compelled regardless, to make the below statement
so excuse me for a sec

[statement just to cover my b*tt:
covering your precious camera with plastic bags and jump into sea is by all means a risky behavior. yuko nagai is under no illusion about the possible dangers that may accompany the fore-mentioned act, varying from loss of your camera to your life, and wishes to make it very clear of the following: those who wish to try this 'plastic bags-on-camera' on their own must assume sole and full responsibility for their act themselves. yuko nagai urges you to use plenty of caution, try it under 'calm' condition, know your water before you enter, be very safe (but do have fun)]

last but not least:

if you happened to be in los angeles, california this coming weekend
and if you wanna attend a photo exhibit with style

go there

few pics from their last photo exhibit in '06
(picked only blurry ones on purpose)

thank you for reading
ciao for now

July 21, 2007

to calm my antsy nerve...

you know when
new insights are approaching
new ideas on horizon
visions half born
changes about to take place.....

and when you know that
there's no fast-forwarding the process

my way of taking my mind off is
to go do my leisurely cooking

today, i went for

since i quit trans-fat a while ago
many ready-mades've been
pushed out of picture

this is
soy milk/ whole wheat/ brown suger affair

here's the proof

recipe available upon request
if you want it, i will post it

speaking of such

i will always remember things i've seen in
doughnuts shops, late at night
los angeles, heading down town

where the hell broke loose nightly
and all the night-crawlers
wearing their inner demons upon their sleeves
letting it all hang out

they are in my image stock piles
in a folder titled ⎡wasted youth⎦
but i know too well that, in fact
nothing will ever go to "waste"
no detours, no flounder-abouts

memories of darkness,
glazed heavy
with refined sugar

July 18, 2007

would you like some brain-tickle?

first and foremost:

i would like to introduce y'all
my dear friend johanna's newest adventure:

link is right here!!

she is a very good friend of mine who is
just so fascinatingly conceptual
(her drawings are really cool, too)

what she does tickle my brain just right
that i get those delightful artsy giggles

good friend, to me, is like,
the ones who gets me motivated to go
further into my own "uniqueness"

notches up
and up some more

going into one's uniqueness is naturally a solo venture

nothing to
comapre it to
it may just
float somewhere outthere
with no one to
relate to

i would like some encouragement please

her work always does a good deal of back-pushin

my "wing dress" update:

getting details in
started to look more like feathers

at this stage i forgive myself
if i am trying to "make sense"
[logic] will always battle with my attempt
almost always, especially at first

until one fine day when
the process would take over......

July 14, 2007

a wing to wear

wing-dress update

drawing outlines
some details, too

as i drew, i've
taken down the drawing off the wall once
to see how it looks on me
(i meant: placed the drawing on me as if i am wearing an actual dress
and talked to a mirror)

at this stage i try to see
not so much of shapes and such but
more like
how i would like the energy to flow
on the drawing and on the dress
direction/course of the energy path

seeing, in this case is
done by all-round sensory type-o-vision

(i meant: not so much with my eye sight)

since i won't have to worry about flying in this dress
shape and form of the wing doesn't have to be like an
actual wing at all

such freedom can be a scary thing
or can well be a freeing thing

freedom being a freeing thing is not a given
of course you'd know that

speaking of witch

(which witch?)

down to da beach this evening
typhoon's on its way
fiery swell, incredible energy

i aim at capturing some of that on the dress

aiming high
i know

it feels like
watz the point

July 1, 2007

happy july 1st: bear update

building few more characters for the polar mama bear blog

task involves in doing lots and lots of bear-practice drawings

in the middle you see, fabulous caran d'ache crayons
my weapon of choice

i got these while i was working as a face painter

and of course my toenails with
chipped black polish

i have a thing for chipped blk polish
this is a desired look, i am saying

and my other weapons,
black colored pencils from all over the world

(mama bear just gave me a nasty look)

and a godzilla with missing tail
non-weapon existence

i don't know if i can pull this one off
this mama bear blog thing
since story lines are presenting themselves to me one by one
i know better than not to respond

in relation to that type of talk,
i'd like to introduce you to: art(hur)

he is an imaginary friend who comes to my door with

and waits patiently at the doorstep until i respond

i would try ignoring him but all the while i know that
he's there......

here's art standing in the shadow and on a very 60's postcard
(there was maharishi on the right but i cut him off)

time for a swim
gonna feed me some glorious summer experiences